domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Morri. Virei pó. Me cheirem também.

These gigs just keep getting better and better. I didn't think we could top Peru, Argentina and Chile but fuck me, last night was easily up there with the best nights EVER! Amazing crowd. I suppose one should expect nothing less from Brazilians, but still - "well done".

And if that wasn't enough, I spent the day by a virtually deserted pool right on the beach. Hungover. Just me. And some beautiful people playing volleyball in the pool.

The atmosphere was spoiled somewhat by "Man, I Feel Like A Women" by that Shania Twain playing somewhere in the distance. 3 TIMES!!

Still, it's days like these that I'm glad I persevered with that bloody guitar when I was a young boy.

Sao Paulo tomorrow. Home of Robinho and Elano. WE ARE CITY etc..

In a bit.


PS. By the way, The Bulldozer didn't show up

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